stay sw!tched on!

You can never be too safe around electricity. Whether at home, in the workplace or responding to an emergency it pays to be 'Switched On'.
Primary age kids in classroom

Electricity Safety Week

Electricity Safety Week is designed to teach children to stay safe around electricity both at home and outdoors. It’s a week we shine a spotlight on safety and this year runs from 4-8 September 2023.
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Storm over residential house

Stay Storm Safe This Summer

Summer brings a heightened risk of storms and severe weather. Be storm safe by getting prepared ahead of time and knowing the risks to look out, such as fallen powerlines, and what to do if you're impacted following a severe weather event.
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Test your safety knowledge

Take our safety challenge to see how Sw!tched On you are. Developed for safe work month, put your knowledge to the test to see how on Switched On you are in the workplace.
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