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Stay sw!tched on!

Remaining safe around electricity while at work is an important part of everyday life. When working near electricity it pays to be Switched on! 
Over the past four years more than 2,000 people have received electric shocks in NSW workplaces.
National Safe Work Month

National safe work month

October is National Safe Work Month - a time for business, employers, and workers across Australia to commit to building a safer and healthier workplace for all. No job should be unsafe, and no death or injury at work is ever acceptable. For more information, check out the free resources available from Safe Work Australia.
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Yellow crop duster flying over agricultural field

Agricultural aviation

Wire strikes and overhead powerlines pose a big risk to agricultural aviation. Learn what you can do to be safer when you’re in the air.
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Find your electricity distributor

Use your postcode to find your electricity distributor in Australia. 
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