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Australians love their DIY and home improvement projects. Research from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that in 2021, Australians spent $12.3 billion renovating their homes. If you're thinking about doing a DIY or home renovation project, make sure you consider electrical safety in your plan and practice it throughout the project.
Did you know only a licenced electrician can legally perform electrical work in Australia? Keep this in mind when planning your next DIY project.

undertaking DIY electrical work is dangerous and may be illegal

DIY projects and renovations have become a common practice in many Australian homes. While it may seem like a good idea to fix an electrical fault at home yourself, it's not only dangerous; it's illegal. When it comes to electrical work at home, always leave it to the experts (licenced electricians).

Unless you’re a licenced electrician, you should never attempt to:

  • wire any part of your home
  • install or move power points
  • install or move lights and switches
  • install ceiling fans
  • carry out any electrical maintenance other than changing a light globe

This is serious business

Electricity is serious business; it is never something to be played with. When used incorrectly, or if proper standards are not followed, things can go seriously wrong.

It’s important to remember only a licenced electrician can undertake electrical work in Australia. If you're not using a licenced electrician, you could be putting you and your family's safety at risk.

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engage a licenced electrician

It pays to use a professional. Failing to use a licenced electrician for electrical repairs, maintenance, and upgrades could lead to household damage such as a house fire. In NSW, 40% of house fires each year are caused by electrical faults and faulty appliances.
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don't get caught out

Did you know you could nullify your insurance policy if an unlicenced person performs electrical work at your home? Problems may also arise when you sell your home if your electrical work is inspected and fails to meet building code regulations.
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electrical safety indoors

Ensure you have a safety plan for working (and living) around electricity inside your home before you start any home DIY project.
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Electrical safety outside

Whether it's painting the awnings or cleaning leaf matter from gutters, it’s important to consider electrical safety outside the home before you get started.
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In an emergency call 000

your electricity distributor

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Check your electricity distributor's website or social media for updates on power outages.
Electricity distributors in Australia have resources including outage maps that can be accessed online. Many also give live updates via social media.
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Contact your electricity distributor to report fallen wires or damaged poles and powerlines.
If you notice an electrical hazard, report it to your electricity distributor immediately, either online or by phone.